Artists Statement

Artists Statement :
My photography generally resolves around three themes which often overlap.

Photo documentary work capturing the heroic & honorable struggle of the everyday person, often the unseen. Generally a long form process collaborating with the subject of the photo essay over hours, days or weeks. The skill in this comes from over a decade of embedded ethnographic research for design clients, itself rooted in a lifelong passion for understanding people and hearing them.

I have a dedication to photography of place, sometimes called landscape or travel photographer, which I see as portraiture as well. My landscapes are often of nature, in which I seek to capture the a moment that would otherwise be lost and share it with those who cannot access the place, or even the spirit of seeking out such places. Creating intimacy between the viewer and nature, even if only for a moment. 

Lastly, bringing years of design innovation training to bear, I collaborate with innovative startups and companies to capture their breakthrough products, thought leaders or brand story, as I have been on all sides of the process.

In all of my photography I strive to bring the viewer into the story, to create connection between the viewer & subject. In a world where we are constantly distanced from our humanity, each other, and from the precious in between moments I hope my work allows for connection, emotions. That it allows us to better understand other people, places and thus ultimately ourselves.