Travel Supplies you Might be Missing


As a frequent traveler, whether local or international, I always have a weekend bag packed and know what goes into my international bags, work and vacation – though I’m not sure when I last had one of those. Needless to say my camera bag is always at the ready, like sports gear, when you come home, you reset, so I will skip that one.

I don’t believe in buying things on the road when you have the items at home, so here are some critical things from years of experience. And in many countries you cannot get things you might consider essential or as on Sundays in Zurich when you have a bad cold, you cannot find goods so best to always be prepared. Of course shop local if you can, but I have some links as well if you cannot.

This is not a comprehensive list (I imagine you want clothing), but more the little outliers you might not have thought of which make life on the road a bit more lovely without weighing you down.

TSA Pre Check confirmed for my flights (then I don’t have to unpack my entire carry on!) 

In my TSA Approved Carry on inside my camera bag

Ear plugs (I use cheapo CVS ones, when sleep is precious these are +++!)
Emergency C packets, Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes, Hand disinfectant, small packet of tissues (I’m often in countries without western bathrooms)
Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream (in small travel containers)
Hurraw! Balm Sun Protection SPF
RxBar(s) are super healthy and yummy, keep one from getting hangry, and depending on where I am going I may bring loads in my suitcase
Flight 101 Universal Adapter with USB given all the technology I carry this is key


Raw Elements Tinted Moisturizing sunscreen SPF 30+ (game changer!)
Acure Brilliantly Brightening Coconut Cleansing Towelettes, or anything clean and non synthetic to use in flights or places w limited water, time
Homemade Hand salve (for lips, body, hands, chaffe, sunburn, conditioner…)
AcuMobility balls  from my acupuncturist who has kept me together for the last 4 years
Rhodia Notebook in no 12 fits in your back pocket, no 16 is great with more space (or of course a mini moleskin)
Emergency chocolate (mini bars, great as a gift in a pinch, or a treat after a long day!)
Emergency coffee (Trader Joe’s is a solid affordable choice)
Laird Superfood Hydrate Coconut Water Mix (if I will somewhere hot) 

Sometimes multiple trips are packed side by side! Right, sitting in the 4runner in Namibia to shoot the cyclists in the early light with my camera gear.

Sometimes multiple trips are packed side by side!
Right, sitting in the 4runner in Namibia to shoot the cyclists in the early light with my camera gear.


I am a fan of the Acure Brilliantly Brightening Coconut Cleansing Towelettes as the single wrapping of the Ursa Major wipes, while efficient at times when real cleaning couldn’t be had, they created a lot of waste, but for intransit Ursa Major cant be beat. Nighttime or air travel Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream (in a small travel tin) is great and I use my homemade salve of coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax and almond oil, as a hand salve, all over moisturizer, also for chapped lips and sunburn treatment, chaffed skin, you name it.

As an all natural chapstick lover (do you know how much chapstick we consume!?!) and part time Montanan, I loathe the taste of most SPF chapsticks, so I use Hurraw! Balm Sun Protection SPF which has a thick consistency which stays in place and feels great lovely, in and out of sun, one and done.

Although it is not a beauty product per se, if I am heading to the beach, camping or hiking or skiing, an indispensable travel item is “Laird Superfood Hydrate Coconut Water Mix.”  I adore coconut water, and staying hydrated is imperative especially in transit, and as a migraine sufferer. It is delicious, far more enjoyable than usual sugary electrolyte mixes, and far more sensible than buying the boxes of expensive hydrated stuff along the way.

Because of migraines and general back pain (its all connected right,) I travel with AcuMobility Balls, it is the same principal is working out muscles over a tennis or lacrosse ball but the balls don’t take off on you, and there are great tutorials. If I am in range of wifi, and on a particularly stressful project I will cue up Yoga with Adrienne which I have used for years. She is more stretching than workout, but on the road, or in a small hotel room that can be just the thing.

Invented by my brilliant acupunturist Brad of Wakefield Wellness, the AcuMobility balls travel well and while they aren’t the most joyful thing (working out travel knots!) the effects of 5 to ten minutes is amazing and absolutely worth the suitcase space. Roll out a towel, work on the knots, and then cue up Yoga With Adriene (if in wifi range) to ease stress, loosen your upper back, lower back or whatever is bugging you, you can find it all on her free youtube channel. With migraines these two are key go tos for me to know I can reset for the next days work or exploring.

Emergency dark chocolate I learned about years ago in Micronesia from fellow teachers, just a bit of a sweet can make a day ending ok, and well, coffee of course is the preferred way to start a day! And gifting a bar of my emergency chocolate has been vital to camp staff in Botswana, India and other places where I didn’t have thoughtful gifts on hand.