National Geographic’s 'Open Explorer'

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National Geographic’s 'Open Explorer' is the first of Its Kind Digital Field Journal — By and For Explorers. The online platform aims to democratize exploration by lowering the barrier of entry, giving access and allowing anyone to share their stories of curiosity and adventure.

We have created a page for the program in Malawi to support the school, and students in their journey in their sciences and technology studies. Like many wild expeditions worth undertaking, we have a rough sense of where we are heading, have milestones we must hit and goals we must meet, but we do not know the path or where this journey will lead.

Please follow along as things evolve here and also by signing up at Nat Geo!

And better yet, when your next adventure strikes, start telling your story as it unfolds through the Nat Geo community. You can tag it Air, Land, Sea, Urban, Backyard and if you are an educator bring your students into it that way or create a global classroom. It is wonderfully easy and you will be surrounded by inspiration.