Namibia, Hohewarte Guest Farm

After the African Spokes crew departed to the south of Windhoek to traverse Namibia's gravel roads on their way to South Africa I headed to Hohewarte Guest Farm for a few days, to slow down from the perpetual motion and reflect before I headed stateside.

I did not realize that this former Colonial Police Station and Post Office located on thousands of hectares of land at 1400meters above sea level would in itself be such a special experience.

Almost constantly in the company of the dogs Lucky and Anton, I walked the farm, catching sight of warthogs, different birds and antellope, and even my first jackal.  I took tea on the porch as people had for a hundred years watching the light turn golden and then blink out entirely with the pups always nearby.

And best of all (along with a lovely room, a real bed and a shower!) was riding out across the bush, first with Heike and eventually on my own, just Lalandee and I.  Standing in dried up river beds just taking in the vastness of the Namibian bush, alone with a horse was a deeply moving experience.  Like coming face to face with a bull elephant near Nata, this was deeply spiritual, and a pivot point.


The wild beauty of Namibia captured me completely in just a few days, with the grand scale of its wildlife, impossible geological formations and amazing light.  It feels like the west must have once done, vast and mysterious calling to those who thrive on challenge and open spaces.  I hope to be back very soon to see much more of what the country has to offer.  I do believe what they say is true, that Namibia is the worlds best kept travel secret.