Spring comes to New England


I am a major lover of all things winter-in truth my only non favorite New England season is spring (I know this is incorrect grammar, as well as an unpopular opinion) because around here it is mostly a long winter followed by mud season and a week of spring before summer.

But as the weeks tick down to my departure for Africa I must admit I am chaffing a bit against our weekly storms, and the indoor bike, although I owe Keith Kelly a huge debt of gratitude for the gear which has allowed me to ride many miles to high octane films in my dining room.

But as verified by my crowd sourced knowledge to speed up my onboarding to all things biking, winter training into a spring trip (in the northern hemisphere) is kind of brutal.  Ignorance can be be a helpful permission slip, I am just hoping that my training is enough to get me through long days in Zambia, Botswana and Namibia's searing early fall heat.

Either way the storms have been beautiful and they are happening either way, so I ride indoors as the storms blow snow sideways outdoors, then add in a good snow walk to visit friends (and often a bar-snow storm 101) and round off the day with intensive shoveling to maximize intensive cross training session when I can't get to the gym-due to parking bans.  Ah, New England.