A Very Nepali Moment

Back in June 2019 when Jen and Roz and I were returning from the Buddhuist and Hindu pilgrimage site of Muktinath, high in the Mustang, we came upon one of the many traffic stops on the new road which is still very much under construction (and very sketchy.) But instead of finding ourselves stuck, we stumbled upon an amazing impromptu dance party.

Although I tried to hide behind my work as photographer a wonderful stranger grabbed my phone, miming that she would shoot along with hers (the selfie, video game in Nepal is strong) and other strangers, soon friends shoved us deeper into the fray and showed us moves.

I am not a dancer, clearly, but there was such fun and freedom in the gathering and the lack of a common language made it that much more wonderful. People are people everywhere, seeking safety, connection and to be seen, and then if they can some fun in the moment!

In a really awesome month of travel this was one of my favorite days, the kind of day you cannot plan in travel but if you are open when you travel just might find you.