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An August Goodbye

Late August Indian summer teased, the ocean was especially warm, crystal clear and the tide particularly low. I don’t think it was a moon tide, but the water was out far, exposing the flats of the sands rarely shown, the ripples and the ridges alive in the light like a creature. Life by the ocean is defined by moon and her tides. All things are interconnected living on the edge, and we accept that we too are a part of this ebb and flow, as humans have been since the beginning of time.

I was in Minot for a few final summer days before I headed to Africa for three weeks. August’s is so bittersweet, with its perfect golden light, the shadows long, they are like a sundial of time passing. We bask in the sweet air as it kisses sunwarmed skin. But like all the best things in life, grasping at it can destroy it. All we can do is revel in the gift and hold onto the memory in gratitude when the season passes.

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