Maine, 2018

Motherhood (0:30)

One in four women in America have had an abortion. Yet it's a subject rarely discussed even among close friends and family. For these five women, getting an abortion was the responsible choice for their child, their future, and their families. 

President Trump has not recognized a woman's choice as a constitutionally guaranteed human right. He's even said publicly that women who get abortions deserved to be punished. Senator Susan Collins is one of the few legislators who could stop Trump's conservative nominees to the Supreme Court and help protect reproductive rights for women in America.

It was an honor for us to tell the story of these five women. While this work is always challenging and deeply personal, we hope that their courage can help audiences understand the true power and purpose of Planned Parenthood.


Agency: Windy Media

Director: Julianne Gauron

Director of Photography: Shannon Palmer

Executive Producer: Will Humphrey

Creative Director: Tripp Clemens

Head of Production: Harvey Burrell

Producer: Jordan Berry


My Life (0:30)

Dear Senator (0:30)

The Responsible Choice (0:30)

In Defense of Safety (0:30)

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