Documentary Photography Resources …


Or generally learning to see the world as a creative human!! (so all of us!)

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Fellowships, Residencies, Scholarships and Contests;

Online Classes;

  • Skillshare is around 100$ per year, unlimited online classes (first month is free!) great for photography how to’s on technical aspects of DSLR, editing and & Lightroom set up, creative business basics etc. Check out rating of class, how long it is, and how many students took it on cover page.

  • Creative Live may be worth it for an instructor specific course (I think classes are free if you catch them as they stream live but check to confirm…)

  • I have not taken this course, but Magnum is one of the oldest and best photo associations, 10 onlines sessions to develop your street photography skills ($99)

Watch (from light to deeply academic)

  • Youtube Videos, start subscribing to channels on Lightroom, photography, etc (see how popular something/instructor is) with lightroom how to’s challenges, be as specific as possible. Favorites of mine are Jimmy Chin, Becca Skinner and Mango Street YouTube (a great hipster channel to follow on broader technique)

  • Netflix “Tales by Light” is about pro photographers, season 3 in particular follows photographers working on social and environmental impact stories.

  • iTunes has some National Geographic photography documentaries, the 125th anniversary of Nat Geo Collection 1 and Collection 2

  • For online talks & articles about art for social good, check out one of the oldest orgs in the world working on this Royal Society of the Arts (you can also become a fellow, to work with the community on projects)

    • The RSA Animate Series is great, my favorite relating to documentary photography/being a good human is “Outrospection, the art of empathy,” Roman Krznaric goes really deep accessibly. (10:28)

  • Seeing Through Photographs, with Sarah Meister of MoMA’s Department of Photography, are deeply thoughtful but accessible short talks from the best of the best across the industry!

  • Marc Levoy; Standford Lectures on Digital Photography (on youtube, free, 18 lectures)

Documentary Film Resources (as in video)

  • Join Sundance Collab for free, or sign up for further membership for more access

  • If you are learning on your own No Film School is apparently good

  • SXSW has historically been a key film festival launch, along w Sundance

Social Media

  • Follow Photo Collectives and Agencies which resonate with you so that you get a diversity of styles in this way, just a few I like include VII, Sea Legacy, and WomenPhotograph.

  • And the classics photo cooperatives or desks like Magnum, Reuters The New York Times, the Associated Press and NatGeo

  • Join an industry group like Binders Full of Photographers (facebook) The Binders (invite only female journalist group) or the previous bullet ones when you really make it


  • An ongoing podcast about the Photography Industry by Neil Binkley, ad agencies, fine art, publications and more.

  • The B&H Explora podcasts, are good for examining a specific area of practice, a lens, or challenge you are grappling with or when they have a guest on whose work you admire.

  • Photo History podcast by Jeff Curto, and accompanying youtube videos, its a lot, and audio of a visual doesn’t work for me, but there’s good stuff here.

Online Portfolio Communities

  • Behance, Working Not Working and VSCO are just a few of the places you can share your work with peers, gain inspiration and in the case of Behance and WNW clients and jobs.

IRL - obviously the biggest thing to get after

  • check out talks at your local universities and museums

  • portrait meets on social media and Evenbrite, take local workshops