African Spokes 1000 mile Cycling Journey in Africa

African Spokes 2018 was a 70 day journey spanning Nairobi Kenya to Cape Town with riders jumping in for one of the seven legs, riding a few or in some cases riding the full 6520 miles. Riders were tested in every way, climbing mountains in the Masai Steppes, crossing deserts in Botswana, and Namibia itself was one large sand dune. Road quality varied from moderately potholed to bike push territory. But the satisfaction after a day or riding, whether it was 30 miles in sand or 100 on a solid road, past elephants, ox carts, villages and the beautiful wild spaces of Africa to set up camp in the bush and fall into sleep with the sunset was unsurpassed in true awesomeness.


Commercial Shoot, Yoga

 Christine Meade is a yoga instructor and a professor of english literature whose unique courses in literature, meditation and self awareness are wildly popular with her students, combining classic texts and body self awareness. She leads yoga retreats in Central America and is currently writing her second novel.


Powder Mountain Utah, USA

Powder Mountain, famed for it’s no frills local culture, limited ticket sales and knee deep powder was recently acquired by a Brooklyn co-operative, Summit, causing an anxiety among the Utah locals. Nonetheless the landscape and snowfall continues unaffected by the changes. Time will tell how the mountain culture evolves.


Kiteboarding Hyannisport, Cape Cod

The wind blowing of Hyannisport was almost 50 mph on the day of this shoot, and very quickly other kiters gathered on the beach as the heavy winds outpaced their comfort levels. The day of gorgeous rides and big air ended abruptly when a line snapped.