Bow Wake in Georgia Sunrise, Low Country Series

Bow Wake in Georgia Sunrise, Low Country Series

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We set out in the pre-dawn darkness and the sunrise came up gently over the estuary as the shrimp boat, The Big Cobb, made its way towards the ocean with the rising sun, to start the days work. The small crew of the wooden boat still fishes for shrimp as generations have off the south eastern coast of the United States although this way of life is changing with economic and climate shifts. The wake of the boat arced across the water where salt and fresh water mixed as the sun came up.

This image is the opening from the photo essay “Raised in the River,” shot in the low country of coastal Georgia in July 2017, and was selected for auction at the Whisper Editions Gallery in NYC in fall 2017.

This is a limited edition print, will be signed by the artist and hand numbered.

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