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The Value of Making Audacious Adventure Commitments

When I was a grad student, one of the most life changing pieces of advice I received was to book a vacation for after our thesis defense. If I passed, I could celebrate on vacation.  And if I didn’t, I still was going on a vacation. As a student in industrial design, essentially problem solving, I took it a step further and committed to a surf camp in Costa Rica. Money deposited, I had to train in the school’s flimsy gym which which turned out to be a lifesaver that year for mental and emotional health. There is nothing like a good sweat clear the brain for new creative ideas (proven science) and bring life’s problems from world ending to manageable.

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The Glossary, Interview with Katrina Jazayeri of Juliet

Interview with Katrina Jazayeri of Juliet

Every detail of Juliet, from the extraordinary, seasonal menu, to the warm but professional service, the European homey décor, to the fairly novel equity based business model are all the intentional creation of Proprietor Katrina Jazayeri and her partner, Chef Joshua Lewin. The two opened their first restaurant together in February 2016 after individual accolades and years in the industry.  And culinary commentators have taken note, including Bon Appetit’ “America’s Best New Restaurants” in 2016, “Best of Boston 2017” by the Boston Magazine and “Winner, Boston’s Best” by the Improper 2017.

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Gear Gift: Tanner Goods SLR Camera Strap

I always aim to carry my camera, but more often than not I don’t because it’s too bulky. But, the subtle ergonomic cut of the Tanner Goods SLR Camera Strap means I’m comfortable hefting that weight around. The design, coupled with the security of the strap, makes it well worth the cost—particularly if you carry a pricy camera.

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Misadventures Magazine Film Review

Banff Mountain Film Festival In Review 2016

This action-packed film, showing some of the brightest stars of our adrenaline-chasing age, overlaid with a beautiful narrative, results in a somewhat jarring juxtaposition that still manages to express powerful wisdoms about the peace and freedom we all seek as we escape into ourselves and our sport. It’s like watching someone cliff-jumping while hearing Buddhist teachings — but if you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast, you know that this is just what the followers of this path seek. This balance between panic and enlightenment where one might just find release.

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Misadventures Gear Guide

Woolrich x Topo Klettersack in Geronimo Jacquard

There is something so comforting about a wool blanket, in any form, and when you take that essence of comfort and love, and put it into a Topo backpack with all the functionality that entails, you want to take it everywhere, well, like a kid with that security blanket.  But the Klettersack pack comes with a bit more functionality than carrying around your favorite blanket.

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Home For the Holidays

Late December I received an urgent email on a Saturday afternoon while sitting in a design talk at MIT. PAWs New England, an extraordinary group that rescues dogs out of high kill shelters in the south and brings them to the north, needed an emergency transport driver on Tuesday.

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